Organizational Structure

My ideal organization


I always want to work in the creative industry. This industry is one of the kinds that need a lot of innovation and creativity. It is important to create an organizational structure in which people can speak up for their ideas. I found an article by Tim Kastelle bring up an example for an innovative company as an example, explain several key points that help the organization stay in those ways. This including flatter organization structure, more peer review, trust individuals and provide the best tools, and knowledge will lead to the best result (Check out the Article)[1]. I believe this can be applied to the creative industry, which people need constant brings up the idea for the product, whether it is a program, a TV show, or podcast, new ideas help.

Organization Structure


My ideal organizational structure is a divisional structure. This structure group employees into teams by product. The reason I am doing so is that I believe this structure can provide the highest democracy within a product team, and the Company’s board of directors will provide general direction on the content creation of the time, and approve the new product team to be established from a concept. The aim is to create a flat and wide organization. As my organization structure graph shows, this organization will have only four layers. This is to provide a short height of span of control, increase opportunities for healthy communication between employees. I also assignment each team with its own team of the division, the self-contained tasks reduce the need for interdepartmental processing of information, make productivity of the team are higher. I am assuming about 10 people will report to each manager. This ideal organization is kind of both centralized and decentralized. Because the company does have the top-down hierarchy, but individual product division has its own authority.


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